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Custom Hand Tufted Wall to Wall Karpet

Any design and shape can be manage and produce with hand tufted construction, and a lots of waste will be minimize, the measurement can be perfectly accurate, also the shape and design will be follow the shape of interior room.

Product Summary

· Acrilic is not anti Static, 50% inflammable and heat resistant

· Acrilic will produce less Fluffing

· Acrilic will Shades for cutpile construction

· Maintenance Acrylic will make the carpets last longer

· Always Vacuum carefully

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Custom Hand Tufted Construction


Mateials : 100% Acrylic

Backing  Pri: Leno Canvas

Secondary Backing Latex

Pile Height 10mm

Stiches 6

Style available: Cut or loop

SKU/Item Number: 102

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